EKS Trucks AB

Our manufacturer which is specialized in offering trucks and other cars especially for its customers need. Whether your objective is to transport two, four or twelve has the solution for you. Their models is perfectly suited for both simplicity and luxury, with the mindset that everything is possible and anything is doable. Your will always feel at home wherever you drive. Its beautiful design, super travel comfort and excellent safety features makes trucks non-comparable truck.

Since its inception in 2012, We have had a strong position and reputation in equestrian worldwide. More than 12 years later, become the leading company in the construction of trucks in the Europe.The making of a truck starts with the design of the interior and equipment that is suited for your needs and preferences. Options in interior varies from a moderate and necessary to out of the ordinary, luxurious design. Our trucks have optimized to provide the best safety for the customer.

According to the customers needs and situations, we have built many of our cars to the customers own wishes. Your truck will most definitely appear unique because of this. No request is to special, specific or personal – tell us your needs and desires and we will find solutions that fit the intended use of the truck.

Main Office :


Harry Martinssons väg 4
G Sandberg
64693 Gnesta
VAT# SE556290163601

Mobile Wtp. +46 765 315 861
Landline. +46 18 495 12 30
Fax. +46 18 495 12 30

Web. www.eks-trucks-ab.com
e-Mail. info@eks-trucks-ab.com